Goodbye Elgin High is the story of growing up in a Midwestern city in the 1960s. Poignant, amusing and revealing, the book focuses on the period in American history when the tranquil predictability of the 1950s was about to give way to the chaotic late 1960s and the irrevocable changes in the nation and this city. In the lee of that uneasy calm, Elgin, Ill., the home of quality timepieces, strong Midwestern values and aspiring high school senior Mike Bailey, young people enjoyed those last few moments of high school, unaware of how dramatically their lives would change. What happened to those close high school friends we never saw again? Did their lives unfold as they thought or were they subsumed by the cruel caprice of life? The story of Elgin High School is an allegory for the story of Elgin and indeed much of America. Though only sold locally, the book is about to enter its third printing and has sold over 1,000 copies.

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